Film Law School 2016

Cases and materials for ELSA Film Law School 2016

Enclosed you will find cases and materials mentioned in Mr. Krüger's yesterday's lecture at the Film Law Summer School in Łódź. 


Scènes à faire doctrine 


Cain vs. Universal Pictures 


Real View vs. 20-20 Technologies.  - Another interesting case, although not directly connected with the movie industry, but explains the merger doctrine. The merger doctrine applies when  there are a limited number of ways in which an idea can be expressed, the idea is said to “merge” with its expression, and the expression becomes uncopyrightable. 


Defamation in feature motion pictures. 


Straight Outta Compton 



Hurt Locker



The Wolf of Wall Street



Set design and props litigation



Devil's Advocate case. Although there are no rulings available, since parties have reached the settelment, please do some reading on the case background. You can see some comparison of the original release and the after litigation release here


Please read Laura A. Kemp's article on the subject, explaining the matter.