Marketing and unfair competition litigation

We provide legal counsel regarding competition law and we represent clients in related matters. Zbigniew Krüger, the attorney-at-law, is the member of Competition Law Association.

One of our fields of expertise are cases associated with unfair competition, such as misleading names and logos, connected with product imitations and exclusive rights protection as well as advertising.

We regularly represent companies in consumer and business litigation involving false and deceptive advertising issues, intellectual property, unfair competition and trade secrets, and commercial matters in courts, as well as before administrative and arbitral bodies.


  • The firm has significant experience prosecuting and defending false or deceptive advertising claims, as well as unfair competition claims, including claims involving marketing practices.
    In addition to cases in courts, we frequently represent clients before self-regulatory bodies, such as the Advertising Ethics Board.
    The firm initiates and defends challenges before these bodies on behalf of advertisers who wish to take advantage of the benefits of the self-regulatory processes. In addition, the firm represents national advertisers whose advertising becomes the focus of a challenge.

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