Criminal Law

Criminal law is of particular interest to our staff and we are ready to undertake representation in cases at all stages of proceedings: preparatory proceedings, before the court of the first instance, appellate proceedings and execution proceedings.

Advocate Zbigniew J. Krüger undertakes to defend cases of all nature within the area of criminal law, both in so called „common crimes” including violent crimes, drug offences, theft, fraud, sexual offences, football hooliganism as well as „white-collar crimes” and in cases related to private affairs. Zbigniew J. Krüger represents injured parties. We are members to European Criminal Bar Association (ECBA)


We have a vast experience in defending clients in preparatory proceedings, among the others, by the following authorities: Police, Central Anti-Corruption Bureau, Central Bureau of Investigation, The Internal Security Agency as well as penal-fiscal cases initiated by Customs Chambers, Tax Offices and The Treasury Control Offices Advocate Zbigniew J. Krüger is the member of European Criminal Bas Association based in London.


On behalf of our clients we also prepare and lodge extraordinary means of appeal – cassation to the Highest Court and complaints to European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and we represent clients in expungement preceedings.

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