White collar defense

Krüger & Partnerzy experienced White Collar Defense practice represents individuals and companies, both Polish and international, in criminal and administrative enforcement proceedings, criminal trials, and internal investigations.

Businesses and individuals throughout the world face increasingly aggressive government enforcement. Matters formerly handled through civil or regulatory processes now result in criminal investigations. Our firm brings particular strengths to bear on the representation of corporations or individuals who face criminal or other enforcement proceedings.



The firm has represented clients in a wide spectrum of matters, including allegations of accounting irregularities and other financial reporting matters, insider trading investigations, and internal control issues, among others. Our attorneys are experienced in dealing with relevant regulatory agencies and in conducting internal investigations related to suspected misconduct involving company officials and employees. In addition, the firm frequently serves as counsel to boards of directors, independent directors, and special committees in connection with such matters as internal corporate investigations, financial reporting issues, change of control issues, and similar matters. Our attorneys are also experienced in representing clients in parallel civil litigation and investigative/enforcement proceedings.




Most environmental statutes now contain criminal sanctions, and corporate executives can be subject to criminal prosecution not only for contributing to pollution and other environmental hazards, but also for failing to report those hazards. We have a wealth of experience in enviromental enforcement cases.  Our attorneys are experienced in evaluating the risks and benefits of voluntary cooperation and disclosure, as well as in counseling companies on how to improve their environmental compliance programs. 



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