Krüger & Partnerzy Law Firm specializes in pleading the case on behalf of their clients with respect to all branches of law.

We believe that contemporary litigation requires specialist, custom-made approach, which takes into account the specificity of a given area and the core matter in dispute.

The Firm conducts litigation concerning all branches and fields of law including civil, commercial, business law, copyright, unfair competition, protection of personal interests and image, employment law, investment disputes. We represent our clients also in administrative and court-administrative proceedings, including tax-related matters. Our law firm represents clients in amicable settlement of disputes (arbitration) before arbitration and trade-specific courts and in disciplinary proceedings. The lawyers employed in our law firm also practice as ad hoc arbitrators in the courts of conciliation.

The Firm has been recommended by Global Law Experts in the field of litigation conduct. Irrespective of the matter in dispute and the client's trade, preparation of the contentious litigation requires adopting measures which will take into account a broad spectrum of circumstances. Bearing in mind that the choice of legal tools and strategies may entail serious financial and business consequences for our team the choice of the most appropriate legal approach is of the highest value both during the lawsuit and also in the process of evidence collection and securing. At all these stages our law firm does its best to choose tools and measures tailored to the customer's needs.


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