Personal rights protection and press law

Personal rights and their protection are of particular interest of our Law Firm.

We manage cases related to personal rights protection, both of legal and natural persons and we offer support in personal interests protection with respect to contracts and strategic management. We represent natural persons in disputes relating to invasion of privacy, reputation damage, damage to popularity, name and violation of dignity.


 Apart from representing clients in disputes connected with infringement of privacy and reputation we also manage the cases related to, so called, commercialization of personal rights such as unlawful use of image, popularity, name or voice. Among the others, we draft and appraise contracts of commercial use of image and its association with a celebrity, including merchandising and endorsement contracts.

We represent legal persons and institutions in disputes related to infringements of personal interests, including damage to reputation, clientele, trade secrets, know-how and business name. Our lawyers are experienced in representing clients in so-called “election track” of the court proceedings. Moreover, we argue cases connected with infringement of personal interests by media and claims arising from the press law. We specialize in cases of personal interest infringement on the Internet, both in civil and criminal proceedings. Trying to offer comprehensive solutions we cooperate with PR agencies and a specialized IT company providing services of reputation protection on the Internet. We also conduct defense in criminal cases instituted on private complaint with respect to libel, slander, defamation and insults.

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