New technologies and IT

We offer comprehensive legal help in the field of New Technologies & IT.

We offer advice in the field of New Technologies and IT, including contract drafting and IT outsourcing. Our experience lets us deliver legal solutions within the IT market, as well as for other enterpreuners planning to use new technologies and Internet in the daily basis bussiness. We are experienced in creating legal structures for online shopping and services. 

The IT market legal services requires knowledge from the variety of branches of law including corporate law, copyright and intellectual property, contracts, competition and consumer protection, database and privacy protection.


We offer legal advice in all stages of creating IT bussiness, including IT project financing, creating organisation structure and legal advice in the daily basis bussiness. 

The Law Firm of Krüger & Partnerzy offers legal help in criminal cases involving IT and New Technologies, including computer related offences, hacking, telecommunication offences and database security offences. 

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