Entertainment & Sport Law

Entertainemnt law is our key area of practice. Zbigniew Krüger is the first Polish member of Intertational Association of Entertainment Lawyers (IAEL)

In the entertainment litigation field, The Firm’s experiences are vast and significant. It represents clients in the film and motion picture industries, radio, television, publishing, museums, arts and recording industries.



We provide legal services with respect to advertising campaigns, advertising agencies, interactive agencies and media houses verifying the compliance with the advertising campaign law and taking into account restrictions resulting from unfair competition law, competition and consumer protection law, pharmaceutical law, statutory limits on alcohol and tobacco advertising, financial services and restrictions resulting from EU law and the principle of free movement of goods and codes of ethics. We represent, among the others, copyrighters, graphic designers, photographers as well as models, actors and speakers in disputes and during contract negotiations.


Sport is one of the businesses in which our law firm takes avid interest. We represent athletes, coaches and activists as well as professional sports clubs. We negotiate, draft and appraise any types of sports contracts. We represent sports entities in disputes before courts of general jurisdiction as well as arbitration tribunals or disciplinary authorities of Polish sports associations.
We represent athletes in cases relating to doping in sport.


Music industry
Our law firm has exceptional experience in the music industry. We have been representing our clients in precedential legal actions concerning pieces of music, including inter alia sampling, new types of derivative pieces of music, and rights of authors and co-authors of different jurisdictions. We have represented film music composers in negotiations and disputes with film producers and distributors. We offer legal aid in music contract conclusion and negotiations. We deal with the management of the rights to music digital exploitation methods. We cooperate with publishers and distributors and draft music business contracts.


Film and television
We offer legal support at any stage of film and TV production. We draft, appraise and negotiate any film and TV production contracts. We represent producers, scriptwriters, directors, actors and other entities related to film and TV production.


Electronic entertainment
Our law firm has pioneered the development of the legal framework for electronic entertainment, including computer games and social media. We adapt legal solutions to protect the interests of electronic entertainment producers and authors as well as to protect computer games.


The areas of entertainment litigation are diverse and include contractual disputes, intellectual property and right of privacy litigations, tort, fraud, defamation, and all other areas of entertainment commercial litigation.

The clients in the entertainment field include:
Film, TV, and stage studios and companies
Recording artists/studios and record labels
Agents and managers
Memorabilia companies
Production and post-production studios
Books, newspaper and magazine publishers
Web based and internet entertainment entities
Authors and songwriters
Art schools
Proffessional athleets and sport clubs
Artists and bands



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